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Finance Articles

Finance is a complicated area. The articles below will help you through the maze.

Bad Credit:

Improving Your Bad Credit Loan Chances - A guide to getting a loan when you have a poor credit rating.
What Are Guarantor Loans? - Could a guarantor loan solve your bad credit finance problem?
The Causes of Bad Credit - A look at the various reasons why you might have a bad credit rating.
The Danger of Too Many Applications - Making too many applications for finance can work against you in the future.

Credit Cards:

Bad Credit Credit Cards - Having a bad credit rating makes getting a credit card more difficult, but not impossible.
Can't Pay Your Credit Cards? - How to proceed when you can't meet your creit card debt repayments.
Plastic Payment Card Types - About the different kinds of plastic payment card available.


Debt Consolidation - Do It Right - If not done correctly, consolidation can make a bad situation worse.
Debt Consolidation or Debt Management - Some people use the terms Debt Consolidation and Debt Management interchangeably, this is wrong.
Which Debts Should You Consolidate? - A look at the various kinds of debt that consolidation might be suitable for.

Secured Loans:

Secured Loans Benefits and Dangers - A look at the positives and negatives of secured loans.

Short Term Loans:

Short Term Loan Options - The various ways of getting finance over a shorter period than traditional loans.
The Payday Loans Spiral - Explaining how the interest rates of payday loans can get out of control.
The Causes of the Poor Payday Industry Reputation - The payday loan industry is very much maligned, but recent moves have forced a clean up.
When Payday Loans Do or Don't Make Sense - Despite their bad reputation, there are limited times when payday loans can be useful.
Avoid Payday Loans With Upfront Fees - If a payday loans site asks for a fee upfront, be very wary.
The End of Payday Loans? - Strict new regulation for payday lending leads some to predict the industry will all but disappear.
How Payday Lenders Access Your Bank Account - When you receive a payday loan, you allow the lender to withdraw from your bank automatically.

Other Topics:

Business Finance Options - Exploring the different kinds of finance available for your business.

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