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What if my application is unsuccessful?

  Should the lender not accept your application, ADM Personal Loans will not be told the reason why.

  Almost without exception, every lender in the UK will make use of a credit reference agency when assessing loan applications. If you are unsuccessful in your application, the lender will, on request, tell you which agency they have used.

  It is important to remember that it is not the Credit Reference Agency that makes the decision on your loan application. They provide to the lender a record of your residence and past credit history. The lender will use the information on your file together with the information you give in your application to decide if the loan will go ahead.

  You are entitled to a copy of your file held by the credit reference agency, and you should write to the agency used by the lender. There is a small fee to cover the agency's costs. Should there be any incorrect information on your file, you can appeal to have it removed. The agency will send full details with your file.


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